Wow me WowMeh!

So I am not usually huge on mesh body parts.
I have LoLas but never wear them.
However Ember did convert me to SLink hands and feet.
Which I freaking LOVE.
But, I try to keep up on trends.  Keyword try.
So when I seen someone post about the WowMeh body on facebook, I had to give it a try.
I bought it, and at first I didn't like it.  So I stashed it away in my inventory.
Then while Ember was playing with her mesh avi the other day (read about that one HERE)
I pulled mine back out and decided to put some good hard work into it.

First, the good
Mesh bodies are great to take pictures of.
 The appliers are easy peasey, much like any appliers.
Its growing in popularity.
Easily customizable since it's fitted mesh.
You can keep your own face.
Hud is easy to use.
Constantly being updated.
Lots of clothing designers are already making appliers for the body.
Mesh clothes fit the body fairly easily, or at least the ones I've tried on have.
 Hud is small, and each tab opens and closes :)
My good friend Mr Varian approves of it :P

The Bad:
Even though these aren't really bad things.  Just personal quirks about it.
Took me forever the second time around to get my slink attachments to fit.
Couldn't quite get my skin and head to match.. though this could be operator error.
No way to tone down the perkiness of the nipples.
Lack of skin designers right now.
Constantly being updated.
(The reason that is a pro and a con is because, yay updates mean improvements, but updates also mean I have to go and redo outfits I may have built around the wowmeh body)

Its definitely worth a look at in my opinion.
When I bought it, it was brand new and super cheap.
I think last time I checked it was at 899L.  
Here is the marketplace link to it:  WowMeh Body
And make sure you get a demo to try out before buying it!

Hair: .ploom. for FaMeshed - Becca
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Vanessa - HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! 
(Comes with all appliers including WowMeh!)
Body:  ~WowMeh - Style
Dress in top picture: ~Sassy!~ Love At First Sight - red @ The Big Show
(eee!  Sassy is making WoWMeh Appliers!)
Undies in second picture: Comes on the hud with the WowMeh Body
Shoes: -{ZOZ}- From Hell Heels (Slinks High) @ FashionArt
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female - Elegant
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High
Pose in 1st picture: BehaviorBody PhotoRoom Free Gift
Second pose was a stand in my AO

That's all from me for today dolls!
xoxox - Savvy