A Glance At The Truth.

Today I want to discuss something a little more in depth than just fashion.
Those of you who still keep up with this since I started the blog in 2009 know I have once in a while inserted something a little more personal.
Today is one of those days. 
Welcome to Ember Land!

So, Second life. We all have one but what do we do with it?

I originally started SL in 2007. I joined because I was bored and lonely with an infant at home, up at all sorts of strange hours. I discovered SL, made some fun friends almost right away and that made life a lot less dull.

I shopped and chatted. 
Hung out and learned a lot about BDSM,  by watching and listening to others. 
Also attending some good classes.

But the one thing I did not expect to happen is that this life would become such a journey of self discovery. 
I spend a lot of time mulling over things I have said and done. 
Then I try to figure out how I could have handled this or that differently.

I have become conscious of my actions and try to handle myself and my reactions better each time.
Guess I am trying to make hindsight into foresight.

OK, I'm rambling here. Just , Second life is a journey.

What journey are you on?

I would love to hear from you.
And that's the Truth.


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