Black And White

I chose today's title not only because of the look of these photos but also due to something that has been weighing on my mind of late.

Black and white thinking. 

I almost would like to say I don't get this 'black or white' thinking, but that would be hypocritical and definitely 'black or white' thinking on my end... 

I think almost everyone has been guilty of this form of thought. I know I have.

When I first began my BDSM journey here I was adamant about what I do and do not like..
( Like I knew anything about it at that point.)
But eventually I grew and with that growth I feel I am better able to see two sides or more to every situation.

Everyone in this world will view the same thing differently.
 (I preach this one a lot)
One thing to think about is... Just because one way will work for one person does not mean it will work for the next. 
The "My way or the highway" Just won't get you very far.

I personally feel that if we open our minds and out hearts there would be so much more unity not just online but everywhere.

So next time someone makes you want to say "No, Eew, Fuck that!" Take a moment, mull things over, try to think outside the box you've built around you.

Maybe you'll see the world is filled with many dazzling colours.

Thanks for listening.
P.s. Thank you Reven Rosca 
for helping me make my thoughts legible.


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