Dead Bodies and Other Stories

Pay phones....Remember those? 
OK, they were places you had to walk to if you needed to make a call. 
Like that time I found the dead body, 
I didn't have some Smart phone in my pocket 
to communicate with! 
I had to drive to report it! but I digress again.....

Look at this  outfit! Its the Oh So Smart Suit, and it's new from Bravura! 
No It doesn't  have a phone, but it does have an awesome HUD that changes the colors of everything! 
You'll look great finding that dead body or whatever your evening entails.

Happy Hunting! 
If you need to know where to hide the body, 
ask SIRI 
She's very helpful!


Skin- NIVARO - Babtiste - darktannedtone
Suit- ::BRAVURA::  Oh So Smart wHUD 
Glasses- [Gos] Custom Eyewear - SCT 
Pose- Juxtapose - Spent All My Change