Good morning friends.
I have some fun news and a sale to report!

Most of of you that follow this blog have heard of FireBird Designs by now.
If not please check out the tags down the right side of this page for either that name or FBD.
 (*Pours some coffee as she waits*)
All caught up? Cute stuffs right?

Well..  I just found out that FBD has been in business for 10.. Yes 10 years now.
That right there is amazing!
Congrats FireBird Designs!!!

Now though it's time for change. FBD will be rebranding into MOoH!
Her focus.. ALL THINGS CUTE!!!
OK, can you tell I'm a little excited?

June 13-14-15 FBD will have a closing sale with 50% discount on the whole main store, excluding gacha's and events.

Very exciting, cute is right up my alley!!!
I wish this designer much luck with her future brand, as it's fabulous already I can only imagine what's in store for us in future!
So keep your eyes peeled for updates as to when the new store has opened and until then Get your wallets ready for this big sale!
Remember this sale begins tomorrow.
FireBird Designs. Soon to be MOoH!

Ember ♥