Off To The Races.

 And off with her top? (How Racey!)
LOL.*Laughs at her own dumb jokes*

 When I saw that The Sugar Garden was in Level Up I got pretty excited.
Their stuff is so super cute. I could not wait to see their offerings for this event.

So I open the boxes and try on the dress. Where is the top? Did the box not give it to me? * Looks again* Nope, no top!
Haha!! How fun!
I think the men in my life will approve of this.

But that is just one item at Level Up. The theme this round is Racing Games.
And boy oh boy is the stuff ever fun! You HAVE to go check it out.
Eye candy everywhere. You will thank me, your wallet might not but hey, least in this life, being a shopaholic is somewhat affordable right?

Oh, and yes Savvy did in fact come in first place in her Racing Calorie car! No one was bribed with hair or anything honest! *Crosses fingers behind her back as she looks out over the sea of mysteriously broken down cars littering the track behind her friend*

Have fun!


.On Ember.

Hair - CaTwA - Flexi mesh - Clara.
Skin,shape,appliers - Mudskin - Enfant---Doll-6_W1
Dress - .The Sugar Garden. - Racer Girl - Baby Blue @ LEVEL UP!
Pasties - ~Sassy!~ Tape pasties - purple
Necklace - oOXAOo - BabyBinky.
Pose - .mien. [ off to the races ] 3 @ LEVEL UP!

.On Savvy.

Hair - Exile:: - Rain or Shine.
(All you can really see :)


Car - .{yumyums}. Racing Calories Grape. @ LEVEL UP!
Props - A.D.D.Andel! -  Directional Arrows-Green, Finish Line Banner-Purple, Street Cone-Orange, Checkpoint Markers-Purple. @ LEVEL UP!