Welcome to Florida!!

You probably don't realize this, but when I'm not in SL, blogging fashion, 
I work at this Big Orange shop in Kissimmee. 
It's close to the Gates of Disney World and always crowded. 
It's kinda like working on Jersey Shore, without the beach!
Well anyway, I get a great discount and this is one of my classic Ts.

Now Citrus has made a virtual version you can wear right here in SL. 
You don't even have to come to Florida to buy one!
Its available at The Thrift Shop 5 
It looks just like my real one, But you gotta hurry!

Sometimes, I like to relax with a little weed on my break..... 
so what was I talking about???
I'm sure it's in the credits. Have a great Day, 
I'll say hi to Mickey for you!



Skin- NIVARO - Babtiste Skin 
Glasses- Gos Custom Eyewear
Shirt- Citrus Men's Vintage T Shirt Florida
Location- Big Orange Store


  1. OMG!! I've shopped countless times at the Big Orange!! I've stayed in the Travelodge behind it maybe 3 or 4 times (whenever I don't feel like paying way over double to stay in Disney). The Orange is where I get all my souvenir's for people...can't beat the price. Oh wait...I guess YOU can :))


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