Hair fair stuffs!

So as Ember has mentioned, once, or twice.. maybe half a dozen times :P
Hair Fair 2014 is live and active!
This amazing event lasts right about 2 weeks (July 12th-27th)
And this event supports Wigs for Kids.
(Info on the event is HERE)
There are 4 sims of hair goodness to be explored.
(Though I'd HEAVILY recommend joining the demo group and getting a list of what you want together!)
What I'm showing off today is just a smidgen of what is available.
A lot of the hairs I picked wilder colors to show off the detail in them.
Plus I've been in a very colorful mood lately.

From left to right:
Hf-(r)M No.23'14_001, Hf-(r)M No.24'14_001, Hf-(r)M No.25'14_001
((red) Mint has a freebie in their booth!)

(red)Mint on the Platinum Sim

From top left to bottom right:
Ally, Nephrenia, Cinda, Victoria
([LNS] has a freebie in their booth!)

[LNS] Designs on the Noirette Sim

From left to right: 
Dormer, Lana, Mathilda

Koy on the Blonde Sim

From top left to bottom right:
Carrie, Pickle, Honey, Plasma

.Ploom. on the Brunette Sim

And make sure you scroll back and check out Em's coverage of the hair fair... so many freebies and cheapies!

xoxox- Savvy