The Hair Fair Is Coming!

And it's the one event in Second Life that you do not want to miss!
Trust me on this. It's my personal #1 fave event in SL.

And well for almost everyone else too!
So that means it will be busy! 

.To help with LAG.

  • Make sure you de - prim. 
  • Go bald.
  • Take off all HUDS. Yes even your AO.
  • Ask your Dominants to unlock that collar! The Hair Fair is worth it.
  • Or even better, just look for * Invisible Avatar * In your library.
  • Remember Everyone is there to check out the hair, not us.
✯ You can check out some sneak peeks on the Flickr group HERE .
✯ Keep up to date with the Hair Fair HERE

If you Google ✳Lag reduction tips at events in SL✳
You will find loads more info to help you be the best little shopper you can be!

  Don't forget !!!!
Join the FREE demo group now so you don't forget. Designers will put their demos into this group for us to try on at our leisure.

Hope this helps !