I love Freebies!!

Hello everyone, Happy Hump Day!
I have some super duper things to show you and quite a few freebies so hop  down to the notes and such  & enjoy!

*Ember's Notes.
  • *COCO*, I wandered over there last night n a whim as I recalled them having really great stuff (Also great group gifts.) I was so stoked when I went up to admire the doll avatars to discover a pack or doll heads as a group gift! The dress I am wearing is also a gift from Doll Coco. Just TP up to the doll area from the main store. Join the free group and these and more can be yours! I also grabbed the avatar to go with my head as I've been thinking on it for like ever. 450L Best priced body on the market!! :)
  • even.flow also has a group gift out. See the cute blue monster cushion at my waist? He is free to group members. Celebrating 100 likes on Facebook.  https://www.facebook.com/pages/evenflow/135137359982484  So if you have a FB account, head over and give them a like and keep up to date on all the new goodies. But hit the main store to join the group for the gift.
  • oOo Studio ,I have mentioned in the past few posts has loads of freebies around the store. Just look to the ground beside the single pose stands.

Happy shopping!
Ember Adored

*COCO* Group gift 


HairTRUTH HAIR - Dariela - By Truth Hawks.
Head - *DOLLCOCO*_Group Gift_Doll Head - Emily - By Cocoro LemonFREE Group Gift
Body*COCO*_Doll_Body - By Cocoro Lemon
Dress*COCO*_Doll_Gift_SlipDress(Red) - By Cocoro LemonFREE JOIN GROUP
My friendseven.flow - Monster Cushions, Gachas! - By Yingythingy. (The middle blue one is a Group Gift!)
Pose oOo Studio - wobble - By Olaenka Chesnokov. FREE!

Unedited photo. Click to enlarge.