The Halloween Gacha Spooktacular IS OPEN!

The SLGBT Alliance is proud to present The Halloween Gacha Spooktacular, October 7th - 21st!

To get to the fair, click HERE!

Join us as supporting designers unite with *New* and *Exclusive* Items for this two week long gacha event in efforts to raise money for Dan Savage’s It Gets Better Project!

What is the SLGBT Alliance?
The SLGBTA is a Second Life network of creators and community members. Our mission is not only to bring together the LGBT Communities of Second Life, but also to raise linden for various real life charities that promote and support the LGBT cause. Each event we host will benefit an alternating Real Life charity!

Our upcoming event, The Halloween Gacha Spooktacular, will raise linden for Dan Savage’s It Gets Better Project, an out-of-world organization focused on the support of LGBT Youth.

For more information about The It Gets Better Project, please check out the website at: