Do it!

Ember and I both support a lot of charities.
So when we seen that Junbug was raising money for one, we hopped over to check it out.
Do it in a Dress is a charity that raises money to send girls in Africa to school.
Its a very worthwhile cause because education is so important, to everyone.
Info on the charity can be found HERE

Junbug has out a very pretty little dress in several different colors at her mainstore.
And each dress is 250 lindens.
But you can pay more for it, and help raise more money for the charity.

Juno, the owner of Junbug, has this notecard out for the information:
My Second Life store Junbug would not exist unless I had gone to high school! Every girl deserves the right to education and the possibilities it will open.

When I heard about this charity drive I just *knew* I had to take part!

My goal is to send at *least* one girl to school for a year. Thank you so so much for supporting my campaign!

100% of the sales of every Vintage School Dress is being donated to Do it in a Dress.

In order to get the money from Second Life and to Do it in a Dress, I will be paying my campaign page the proceeds of all school dress sales through the page's payment option. All sales are being recorded above each dress in world in Lindens and I am using a sales tracker to record the sales each day so I can convert the L to $AU dollars (the currency of this charity)  to update the donations on my campaign page.

This campaign will run until the 7th of December (1 month in total) in which Junbug's Vintage School Dress will be available for sale for 250L, though if you wish to donate more that is most welcome!

Juno's campaign page is HERE
So go, get a gorgeous dress for a great price.
And help girls go to school.

(Since this is a post about a charity, all we are showing off is the dress that Junbug has out for Do it in a Dress.  Any questions about what we are wearing, feel free to im or preferably notecard us in world.
Ember Adored and Savannah Porterfield)

The detail on these dresses are amazing.
I had to do close up shots to show off the buttons and ruffles :D
On Ember:
*{Junbug}* Vintage School Dress [Cream]

On Savvy:
*{Junbug}* Vintage School Dress [Grey]

 xoxox - Savvy