POE Hunt & More!

Hey everyone!
The Dress , skin & necklace I'm wearing today are all FREE! Read on for info and landmarks.
P.s. Happy Friday!

*Ember's Notes.
  • POE7 - Peace On Earth Hunt began on Dec 1 and runs till Jan 6. One of Secondlife's oldest and best FREE hunts! If you are choosy about what hunts you do. Try this one!
  • KittyCats has their annual Advent Calender out and this year it's at some of our favorite stores as well. I visit it over @ WoW Skins. The daily gifts are FREE and fabulous! 
  • UBER is open for a new round, I am showing off Truth's new hair Vivi from the colors pack. This is a month long event so I will have some more stuff to show you soon. Stay tuned
  • The Frozzen Fair is still going strong and runs until the 15 of December. You definitely need to check this one out!
  • The Fantasy Collective is a monthly event beginning on the 21 of each month Check it out!

Ember Adored


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