Keep Calm and Carry on My Wayward Son

Hi everyone, I am Apollo Scribe, new to the Paper Dolls team. I am quite new at blogging, however I have been taking pics in SL for quite a long time now. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, as well as on my own blog.

  My first post here is about a bargain offer from Synyster Creations. Syn has opened its inworld store just recently and they have several awesome group gifts for 1 L, which is a great price for mesh items with texture HUDs. You can choose Metallica, Nirvana and other T-shirts, but my favourites are the Supernatural themed ones featured above. All T-shirts have a texture HUD of 12 choices.

T-Shirt:[Syn] Men's T-shirt "SPN" Group Gift
Poses: Vestige (Harris and Brennan)
Location: Pigeon Island (Awesome winter theme here too)

For an additional shots and hint to the windlight settings used please visit my original blogpost here.


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