Learning To Fly

So today is the start of the new year in blogging for me at Paper Dolls.

I've been blogging since Feb 2009 but it seems like yesterday I began.
When I started this blog it was to help others and myself. People would stop me and ask where I got what I was wearing and I was all to eager to tell them all about it.

My partner at the time suggested I make this blog to pass them the link when they asked, saving everyone's time. *smiles remembering*

And for years that's what I did, but then it was more of a hobby, I blogged when I felt like it, sometimes not for months at a time.

Then last year I got deeply involved. Almost all day every day I would stand on my platform and take photos, spending hours putting posts together, chasing down info and locations that items were to be found.

I spent so much time alone blogging that I've lost touch with why I came to SL in the first place. I lost what I was here. I became only a blogger. A blogger who was having anxiety attacks over making sure she did everything. 
Anxiety over Secondlife is just so wrong on so many levels.
I decided I needed to do something about it.

So, I have left many of the blogging groups I was a part of, keeping only my top favorites. Ones I would regularly shop at regardless. I thought about stopping all of it but honestly even though it's pretty much thankless work,  I do enjoy it & If I've helped even one person with these posts then I will continue but I can't let it consume me nor define who I am.

Time to find the extroverted submissive I was. 
Thanks for reading.
Ember Adored

* Ember's Notes.
  • Level Up! ends today! HURRY before it's GAME OVER!
  • Maitreya has this beautiful new mesh body, also FREE heels for it if you join their VIP Group(Free join)
  • Glam Affair has two beautiful skins out for their group gift. (30L Join fee)
  • UBER started a new round on the 31st of Dec, so many beautiful things including these shoes for my new mesh body!
  • Collabor88 ends really soon, like it might be closed already. But check and see these skins are totally worth snapping up!


  • Hair[Due] Cicada - By Dubled@ LEVEL UP! (LAST DAY!)
  • Skin - Glam Affair - Amberly II - Asia 04 - By Aida Ewing. (Was @ Collabor88 December round)
  • Shape - .::WoW Skins::. Melissa - By Sawsan Secretspy.
  • Body - Maitreya - Mesh Body - Lara - By Onyx LeShelle.
  • WarmersBlueberry - Nati - Mesh - Tied Armwarmers - By Blueberryxx.
  • PantsBlueberry - Xale - Mesh - Jeans - NORMAL - Maitreya - By Blueberryxx.
  • Shoesfri.day - Isabelle.Heels (Aubergine) - Maitreya - By Darling Monday@ UBER
  • PoseHelaMiyo :: Ankles Action - By Miyoko Magic.