About That Inventory. Part 1. KEY WORDS

Keywords & More ways to quickly delete unneeded items.
 ( Trust me, it's very, very satisfying to see those numbers drop) 

This is my second or third revision of this post. As time moves on, items become irrelevant *See prim shoes*  

I hope you find this helpful.  Also please, if I left out something, drop me a comment so I can update!
Ember ♥♥


If I am doing a major clean out or even if I want my #'s to drop quickly I start with keywords. Using these in the search bar will help eliminate my numbers quickly and efficiently.
Here are the ones I used. If you know more please drop me a line in the comments section. I really love to help others and your help will help me help. Too many helps? Aah well.


  • DELETE - 
This is usually an unpacking script, with 'Delete me' in the name.
Useless (to us) note cards to configure a script in packages. 

  • UNPACK -
 This is usually a script left in a folder. It is used to unpack your item and is useless to you once it is unpacked.

  • HOLD -
 Usually, an animation/pose used for holding a bag that has been unpacked. (Be careful here that you do not delete a hold for a purse, pet or stuffie.)

  • BAG -  
This is usually a pose/animation or script for holding items while it is unpacked. Most designers name their own differently, so try catching their names as you unpack items and make a list for future reference.
  • DEMO -
 If you have purchased the item, delete the demo of that same item. If you have a hard time deciding and need to keep those demo's make a folder just for them.  Title it #DEMO. this way it should scoot to the top of whatever folder you put it in.

Usually, a note card with a word of thanks for your purchase, toss it unless you are super sentimental.

  • READ
Usually, a note card some instructions on how to dress.  Learn what it says then toss it unless you have a super short term memory.

More instructions found usually in a note card on what to do or not to do. ^ take the same advice as above.

  • INFO
Usually a note card with information on the product, store, MP etc.

Again usually a note card, unless you really need to remember how to do what it is instructing then you can bin these as well.

  • HOW TO
Usually a note card but sometimes it is a texture on how to use a product.

As I am not a builder, any plain Object in my inv is usually just a prim box I made for photos. Do you have random prim's you made over the years?  *Ember holds out the trash bag*

Usually a note card with information on the store's policies, copyright info etc. Read it over then either delete it or not, up to you.

  • INVITE -
A group invite script or note card that comes in some packages. Mind you don't delete your friends 22nd wedding invitation (Or your own )

  • GROUP -  
Usually, a note card explaining how to join a group. Could also be a script just straight up inviting you.

  • ABOUT -
 Most times it is a note card with info about the product or store info.

A note card with info about the designer's copyrighted materials. Read it over well.

  • GIVE -
Check under scripts. I found tons of 'Give on attach scripts' hanging around from opened boxes.

  • PLAY -
This could also be a script or an animation for holding & opening your boxes.

🌟Time to move on while having a little funeral to all (OK, most) of your pre mesh items.🌟

If you ONLY use a mesh body, you can safely rid your self of all alpha layers that come inside your clothing packaging. Your mesh body won't work with a dress alpha anyway right? Plus you should have enough alpha cuts on your mesh body hud to make almost anything fit.

If you wear a mesh body and ONLY that mesh body you can begin the purge by deleting all other body appliers.
so I deleted everything for Belleza, Slink & TMP.

Wear a mesh head & Mesh Body? Ever looking back? No! Then you can safely delete these.

If you use a mesh head these probably will not work the best for you any longer. 

 If you only wear a mesh body then you can safely rid yourself of those system layer body tatt's

 If you only wear a mesh body then you can safely rid yourself of ALL your system layer clothing. I know, but really? really? will you ever take off that beautiful mesh body for that outfit again? OK, save a few.

 πŸ””The funeral bells toll loudest for this section but come on, most of them will not work now. Remember cankles? colour matching? Time to say good bye.πŸ””

If you have lots of time to kill you can start removing all old standard size clothing. XL/L/M/S/XS/XXS
Some sizes you can stuff your mesh body into, so be aware of what size might fit before taking on this project.

Hope this helps a little.  I will get more into proper sorting another day.

Until then Kisses,

  ♥ Ember ♥


  1. omg thank you so much I got rid of like 10k of stuff :D

  2. Note is another good keyword

    1. Oh, I can't believe I forgot to answer this.
      Thank you so much!

  3. Thank you so very much. This was much needed as long as I have been on sl my inventory is the most horrible holding on to things i really have no use for..Going with a trash can right now. Thanks again

    1. Hey, Willow.
      I am so glad if this post was able to help you. I just finished adding to it the other day and wasn't even sure if people checked it out so YAY!
      P.s. Thank you soooo much for commenting, I love comments!


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