Lets talk about sex baby!

I've been rolling this thought around in my head.
Just as a warning, it may get long so all the credits and stuff are at the end.
Sex shaming people in SL.
When I joined SL, sex was the last thing on my mind for about a day.
I was too confused by the controls and tping and flying to worry about pixel humping.
Then on my second day, I was introduced to pose ball sex.
And MMMMMM, oh yeah baby, emotes.
Then later, I discovered roleplay, and how to emote sex.  And how to have sex while you were on completely different sims! (thank you ims!)
For a long time though, I was ashamed to admit I enjoyed rp sex.
I even hid my sexual activities from people.
Well there are some rather nasty names people call you.
They would integrate that into their rp interactions with you.
It became more drama to have sex than it was really worth.
When I left roleplay, I was quite a prude about sex.
Well, Ember got me over that.  She said, who cares?  Its pixels.  So what if you hump everything that moves or you wait till you are in a relationship with them?
And now, when I see other people sex shaming people in SL, I try to pass on that advice.
I still laugh at some people.. the ones that can never get their shoes and pant cuffs off.
Or the too large, shiny penises some sport.
But when it comes to the act of sl sex, I try to remember to not laugh.
SL is a place for us to express ourselves.  Be it through sex or building or learning, or all of the above.

Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ My love hair - Blonds by M4ri1yn Magic @ Collabor88 - Feb 8th - March 5th
Skin: Glam Affair - Cleo - America - 06 by   あいーだ まじっく  (aida Ewing)
Eyes: Poetic Colors- pc eyes - pearl - m/r - arctic sea by Lano Ling-Whitfield (Lano Ling)
Lashes: Eye Candi Eye Lashes - Lush in 6 Sizes by Georgia Brontë (Georgia Schechter)
Tattoo:::.Doom.:: Vintage Tattoo [ TMP, Omega & Slink ] by Justine Doomdale
Lingerie: ~Sassy!~ Secrets bra and panty - red by Ivy Burner @ AnyBody Feb 7th - Feb 28th
Shoes: {Livalle} Modig -High Strapped Sandals- Noir by Lindsey Warwick
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V2.1 by Onyx LeShelle
Nails: -{ZOZ}- Natural Single Heart Black Tip by Zozicon @ Olala - Feb 1st - Feb 25th
 Poses in chair: Kalopsia - Armchair Black (ADULT) by Isabeau Elle Kennedy (Isabeau Baragula)

go, get laid ;)
xoxox - Savvy