Quick And Easy Inventory Sort. Pt2

OK , so the other day we did a purge using Keywords.

Today I am going to show you how I sort stuff to keep my sanity. I am by no means a naturally organized person so I apologize if this comes out backwards seeming to you.
This is purely what works best for me and by no means anything you need to do.
I just find it keeps clutter out of my main inventory.

Basically what I am doing in the very first step is creating a TO SORT folder.  Stuffing everything in my closet to make things look tidy. 
This helps me greatly as I get anxious over clutter.

Here are the steps I take for quickie clean ups.

  1. Create a #SORT folder.
  2. Create a #MONTH TO SORT folder , (#SORT FEB)
  3. Sweep all older loose items into the SORT folder.
  4. New items from this month goes into the monthly folder, next month make a new one and place the old one into SORT.
I also have a few extra folders like HAIR 2015 and stuff I use on a daily basis outside of the sort folders so I can find them easily.

 To Sort Folder 
OK. once I'm done tossing stuff into the #SORT folder I either call it a day or I carry on to the next step..


Yep I create a folder called #HALF SORTED STUFF. Once this is done I create sub folders to put inside.
  1. Create folder named # HALF SORTED STUFF.
  2. Create sub folders,  # OBJECTS, #HOME & GARDEN, #BODY PARTS, #CLOTHES etc.
Then at your leisure you can sort things from the TO SORT folder into the proper categories in HALF SORTED STUFF.

I find myself doing this while sitting around chatting with friends etc as I have a need to multi task this works out well.
 Half Sorted Folder 

That's all for today. It's plenty to keep you going I'm sure.
Got questions? comments? Hit me up!
Ember Adored