What Have You Learned?

When I joined Secondlife over 7 years ago I had no idea what I was getting into.
I found this world where I could be anything I am not in my rl. 
Yet I kept all my insecurities and it was painfully obvious to me.

So with time I decided Secondlife would become a platform to learn about myself. To figure out how I tick, reveal to myself problem areas, and try to "fix" myself best I could. My time here would become time for emotional growth.

I needed to be able to absorb what I was told, learn from others viewpoints. I also had to open my mind. I had previously believed I was very open minded. 

Turns out I was not. Now I try very hard to remember that everyone thinks and perceives things differently and I shouldn't be one to judge.
Once I realized my way was not the only way to deal with a situation I had my first "Aha!" moment.

I am far from done. Perhaps I will still be here ( or a similar online venue) when I'm 80.
 Trying hard as I can to better myself.

How has Secondlife affected you? I would love to hear about it, hit the comment box!

P.s. If you for some reason read this and do not know what SL is. Please check it out here ( secondlife.com ) Then when you figure out how to IM people , look me up!
Ember Adored


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