Where I Belong

I read a post on SL Blogger support the other day about finding a blogging Niche. If you're interested you can find the post HERE
Well this got me thinking, thinking too much as usual.
 I am one of the 90% of SecondLife bloggers that's mostly women's fashion. 

Now with my slowly transferring to WordPress, the WordPress site doesn't get many hits yet, but doesn't bother me like I thought it would. 
I don't have any feeds attached to my WordPress Site ( That I can figure out) and that is OK too. 
Maybe I am so indifferent about it because I am in fact cross posting to both platforms. 

Anyway back to my original thoughts. I looked at why I do what I do here.
 I mean I know what I started this blog for. To help others find things I love to wear without having to spend all my time handing over Landmarks and explaining. 
 For a while there I got really swept up in working for designers and I still do have some that I love so much that they are stuck just stuck with me.
 (Maybe till they read this and toss my ass)
 But for the most part I blog because it helps my friends. They read it and it makes them happy. My friends are my Niche. (And yes my friends shop a lot.)
 As long as I am them I will keep on keeping on. In my own little Niche ♥
Peace and Love
Ember ♥
*Also Today I have a skin from the skin fair I thought was just so lovely, my newest hair and more from  some different events across the grid!