9 Free Hairs In Second Life!

The Hair Fair is coming soon.  July 11th to be exact.  So I figured I would help stave off the hair shopping cravings and save your wallet!

Getting back to my roots I decided to combine my two favorite things into one post.  FREE & HAIR! I have no idea how long these items will be available but as of June 30th 2015 they were all free or free to join group gifts.

Perfect for the veteran hair addict and new residents alike!  Hope you enjoy this post and if any hair designers come across this, please let me know if you have a great free hair for your customers or if any of you dear readers know of any good free hairs, let me know!  I will show it off in a future free hair post! 

Kisses, Ember ♥

(red)Mint GG⇧ (red)Mint Group Gifts. Free to join. Look up in the hair section.

Analog Dog Freebies⇧ Analog Dog Free hair. Look for a bubble on the beach.
Besom Group gifts1⇧⇩ Besom Group Gifts. Hair & Freckles. Free to Join ⇧⇩
Besom Group Gifts2
⇩ Damselfly Group Gift. Free to join. 
E Damselfly COL Kissy, kissy close up 
A New Wow Skin & Besom freebie



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