Ember's Top 5 Hair Fair FInds

 So basically the title says it all.  I finally made it back over to the Hair Fair and snatched up 5 of the hairs I NEEDED to have.   I'm listing them and embedding the slurls into the store name to make life easier for you. (You're welcome)  Remember though you probably won't get dropped right at the store you want,  just follow the breadcrumbs (beacon and arrow) till you get there.

Kisses and hugs Ember 

  1. [elikatira] Rayne|By Elikapeka Tiramisu|Redhead SIM|

  2. !Oleander Catallena.|By BaileeOleander|Redhead SIM|

  3. !Oleander Honeydew.|By BaileeOleander|Redhead SIM|

  4. Moon. Hair. Common Burn|By Silent Acoustic|Redhead SIM|

  5. Moon. Hair. Belle Fleur|By Silent Acoustic|Redhead SIM|

Ember's Top 5 Hair Fair Picks