How Do I Adult?

   Sooo, for all of those who know me, or at least follow this blog.  You know I keep stuff pretty tame for the feeds etc.  OK, I say it's for the feeds but to be honest, I have a lot of trouble trying to be sexy.  It's just awkward for me.  But, I'm one to try anything  once or thrice so when Savvy mentioned she wanted to make a sister blog of a more adult nature I said  " What the hell!"  Well after crying about my inability to be a sensual adult. 

Dear readers, If you like more Adult content please take a moment and peek at Diirty Dolls, maybe follow or like us, Leave us a comment and let's get it on! Please remember though, there will be nudity and adult themed items clearly visible there.Now that I've got that out of my system, I have some photos of a tamer nature for you here.  I had to blur out my lady bits cause well, I was just too lazy to apply panties  :P

Love and Kisses. 

 Ember Adored