(red)Mint At Hair Fair 2015

I got over excited yesterday when (red)Mint dropped her newest releases for the Hair Fair on her blogging group.  As the Fair is for an excellent cause[Wigs For Kids]  I never ask for review copies of the hairs, nor do I expect them from even the designers I do blog for.

So, when I saw this pack and tried them on, I damn near fainted.  Moni has outdone herself this year !  The hairs are truly inspirational.  Perfect for RP or every day.  I am just so in love with these all.  Thank you (red)Mint for allowing me to photograph these for you!

Now I will expand my shopping list and find the donation bins @  The Hair Fair Sims  Because between (red)Mint who is donating 25% of her sales and Blueberry who is donating 100%  I have a lot of loving to give back to this cause :)

Also worn today from the Hair Fair is part of Zibska‘s Free Gift.  The Lashes & make up.  This is one of those designers as well that just gives me a lot of  WOW moments while looking at her Flickr Images.  Check her outHere  &  keep up to date on her wickedly inventive fashion while enjoying the eye candy.

Alright,  I’ve rambled long enough.  The first three photos are last nights over excitement.  The collage at the bottom are raw shots, cropped & made into a collage so you can see proper texturing etc. Taken in CalWL and no extra lighting on them.

 Join the Hair Fair Demo Group by copying and pasting this link into your browser  –secondlife:///app/group/2e30d166-f3e5-e2de-ff72-b3da2d06ded2/about     To try all the sexiness before you head over to the very full sims.

 Ember Adored 
redmint3RedMint Hair Fair Teaserredmint2
(red)Mint Hair Fair Raw cropped.


  • Lighting – LUMIPro|By Stefan Buscaylet