Reflections of Summer

So I tried on this new bikini from Que Bella and needed a place to take the photo, I usually only  take my photos against a screen as my graphics are horrible but with the new firestorm beta my abilities have improved slightly.  So I wandered down to the beach on our plot and decided I wanted to play with water reflections.  I have seen it in other photos and have always admired them so why not try right?  I managed the bottom shot by alphaing (MADE A WORD THERE) out my lower half and taking off my feet. (Teehee.  Ty Maitreya for the power to do this!)  I think they turned out decently.  Anyway, the point to my rambling.  Don't be afraid to try new things!
You can find this Bikini, in patchwork and many more styles over at the Que Bella! main store in a vendor to the right of the desk for only 99L!   It comes with system layers for those of you who still haven't made the leap to mesh bodies and also has appliers for Omega, Slink Physique and TMP.  It really is well made and the seams are flawless.  Well done Que Bella!