The Hair Fair Is Coming!

Hey Everyone,as I mentioned in my free hair posts, THE HAIR FAIR IS COMING! This event is super special to me for two reasons.  The first being that every vendor donates a portion of their proceeds to Wigs for Kids.  Secondly.. HAIR DUH.Anyhoo, here's all the info you'll need to enjoy the event.  Please remember buy hair @ the event so your hard earned Lindens will go to this great cause!
Also, make sure you join the demo group to try all the goodies before the fair opens!  (Demos will be sent out on the 10th)          
secondlife:///app/group/2e30d166-f3e5-e2de-ff72-b3da2d06ded2/about Hair Fair Demo Group 
Bandana Day
is 26th of July where we remove our hair to show we care.  All bandanas sold at Hair Fair have been created by Residents all over SL and 100% of sales of those go to Wigs for Kids, and are only available for sale during this event, and destroyed after it ends.  They will be transfer, so you can gift them.
Also today I will show you What one of my most Favorite stores (Blueberry) has for us this year. 
Hair Fair 2015 Join Us Poster

Hila Fades
⇈ Hila 
Ida Unicorn
⇈ Ida 
Jie Naturals

Kai Fades
 Kai (Not free)~ The Chain is a FREE gift 

All above hairs by Blueberry. Coming July 11th to the Hair FairFor all other credits please check my earlier post today. you ♥ Ember Adored ♥