Hitting The Streets. Not Really

I have been wearing this outfit for days now so I figure it's about time I blogged it as people keep asking about it!

I have finally settled down to one skin and shape that I love.  It is my go to look when I am not showing off other designers creations  (I love you all too don't get me wrong but this just screams Ember's look).

The skin is by WoW Skins and her best one yet in my opinion.  It works perfectly over Enfant's Sarang shape.  So a huge thank you to both designers for keeping me around

My hair is one of the ones I brought from the Hair Fair and is made by Oleander. I am pretty sure it is at their store now ( I hope)

Of course the top and shorts are by Blueberry.  This store is amazing and growing in leaps and bounds.  Her prices are more than fair and textures (for those that are new here) are AMAZING!

The Shoes are made by Reign.  I actually noticed them in one of Blueberry's advertisements.  As soon as I found out I could buy them @ UBER I rushed right over to grab them!  These are by far my top fave shoes this year!

The sim I am sitting at, well don't judge.  I've met a few interesting people here and it's nice to have others to chat to while I work.

Have a super duper weekend!

blue reign