Where The Wind Takes Me

Hey folks. Quickie post here as I have a ton of stuff to do.
Like look for a new place to park my Avatar.  I will be homeless as of tonight and not quite sure what renting in Secondlife entails.  I have sneaking suspicions that I will be living in a sandbox somewhere lol.  Good thing I was not much one for a roof over my head to begin with.
Anyhoo, on to the post.  The Mesh head is a group gift from Genesis.  (250 join fee)  Um, what else here.  Lots from My Attic, Some Body Mod & Shiny Shabby for you.  
Oh yea one more thing. You might notice that when the items are in an event I am only linking the event.  I always thought more info is best but turns out people were going to the main stores then getting upset they could not find the item in question.  So if I caused you any distress like this I am sorry.  From now on only the slurl of where that item is at!  
Also folks please remember to demo the items you wish to purchase.  I did edit these photos and I am sure you don't walk around int he wind light I used here :)
Ta,ta for now. Ember <3 p="">
rib2gBlank Space

- Credits - 
  • Hair – :::Phoenix::: Winona Hair | By  | @ THE BODY MOD EXPO |
  • Skin – Lumae :: Niska : 4 - Peach :: PetalsBy Lumiya Rae | MY ATTIC |
  • Mesh Head  – GenesisHead,Sunny,2.0|By GenesisLab | GROUP GIFT| 250L Join|
  • Mesh Body – Maitreya | Mesh Body – Lara V3.4| By Onyx LeShelle|
  • Top – Mimikri - Silk Blouse / Gitana cream (Maitreya)|By Mimikri Kit|MY ATTIC|
  •  Shorts – Mimikri - Shorts|Gitana black(Maitreya)|By Mimikri Kit|MY ATTIC |
  • Tattoo - Queen oF Ink - Tattoo Moth | By MonaSax95 |
  • Shoes – Elysium - Greta loafers (Maitreya)|marsala|By Aleida Rhode|MY ATTIC|
  • Pose – an lar [poses] The Polarius Series | By Katya Valeska |SHINY SHABBY|
  • Lighting –  LumiPro | HUD | By Stefan Buscaylet |