Early morning coffe

Don't allow yourself to wake up with yesterday's issues troubling your mind. Refuse to live backwards, see everyday as a new chapter.(unknown source)


What I am wearing 
Glasses: Label Motion(Nerd Glasses, part of Java pose pack)at Geeks&Nerds
Applier for head:Lara Hurley(Christy)
Skin Applier:Lara Hurley(For Maitreya)

Shirt:Dollle(035 Plain Boyfriend Shirt)
Bra:Dead Dollz(Annelise - Lingerie Exclusive) at The Epiphany

The Room
Counter's and Cabinet's:Apple Fall(Plantation - Rustic
Glass and Plates in cabinet:Aria(Amaryllis deco shelf filler)
Stove:Aria(Amaryllis tabletop stove)
Pans:Apple Fall(Gacha 5. AF Copper pan set )
Clutter on counter:Tres Blah (Gacha Hodgepodge Breakfast Clutter 2)
Fridge:Apple Fall(AF Retro fridge)
Sign:Sari-sari(Gacha Kitchen Essentials - Kitchen Sign)
Blinds:Duchie(Wooden blinds)
Chairs:Trompe Loeil(Laney Dining Chair)
Table:Trompe Loeil(Antique Kitchen Table)
Rug:Aria(Gacha Gretchen vintage rug)

Decor on table
Dust Bunny(Gacha - potted rowan berries)
Apple Fall(AF Throw Cloth)
Apple Fall(1st day of Christmas - Coffee Maker)
Dust Bunny(Gacha - bowl of cereal) at The Epiphany
Dust Bunny(Gacha - toast basket) at The Epiphany
Amala:(Gacha - Cinnamon Candle) at The Epiphany

Tres Blah(Gacha Hodgepodge  Morning start