Freak Show

Today I want to tell you about an event that is starting later today.
The Freak Show Gacha Carnival.  It is put on my Depraved Nations & you can find out all sorts of interesting things over here on their website. -

So Who doesn't love a gacha right?
  Love Halloween, creepy, freaky deaky things?  This will be the perfect event for you. There are SO MANY machines here, you might just freak out.
 ( See what I did there?) 

I am hoping to be able to blog a few more items as I have seen some fantastic designs while checking it out for you. 
 Ah screw it. I will make time to blog at least once more as there is some things I NEED to show you  ♥ Teaser much? Sorry, Still love me, oki?

For now, onto this crazy fun look.
 The story behind this is. 

I spent most of my day trying to take a photo of some every day type wear. Nothing I did looked decent, I gave up.  Until I tried this together along with this Lumae Skin ( Free Group Gift) &  Google eyes from Izzie's  (Gift @ Geeks N Nerds) I got all fascinated and had fun again. 

So thank you designers for your creativity and allowing mine.
That's all for now. 
♥ Ember ♥

Still Freakshow
Now, where was I ?