I May Be A Scary Witch But I Have Freebies For You

So I went on a shopping bender @ COCO 
I was pleasantly surprised to find some new group gifts there in time for Halloween.  You can find this dress, shoes and a bunch of other cool stuff in the regular section as well as the doll section.  The group is free to join!  Even better!
Also I am wearing the new subscriber gift from Magika!  This style is free in the green only but you can purchase different color packs for it. ( Details on how / what in the note card inside the box)
Hope you enjoy all the goodies.  I know I did.
Thank you designers for being so good to your customers!

I'll just be over here ~~>

  • On a side note, with the second photo I had shadows turned on.  Anyone know why materials are showing up like this?  I am using Firestorm. Older Laptop.
  • Hair – Magika | Sorcery | By Sabina Gully | Subscribo Gift |
  • Mesh Head – *COCO* | FashionDoll_Head_MIA_Pale | By cocoro Lemon |
  • Mesh Body – *COCO* | FashionDoll_Body_Pale | By cocoro Lemon |
  • Dress – *COCO* | F.Doll | WednesdayDress | By cocoro Lemon | GROUP GIFT |
  • Shoes – *COCO*| F.Doll |JesterBoots | By cocoro Lemon | GROUP GIFT |
  • Pose/Key – Le Poppycock | *Poupee* A | By Olivia Lalonde |  @ CHAPTER 4 |
  • Lighting –  LumiPro | HUD | By Stefan Buscaylet |