The Boho Culture Fair Teaser

Yep, the Boho Fair is starting today. 

To find out what there is to know about this event check their website  here -

I decided to start off my post with Petite Morte's pretty Stevie dress & EMO-tions Sabine hair. 
( Have I mentioned how great her reds are?)  

And hey look, I posed without a plain backdrop too! 
Big Thank you to Naadi ( Who posted yesterday, WELCOME NAADI!) as she let me  take over her house. 

Hope you enjoy!
The Boho Culture Fair opens @ Noon SLT today!

Boho Culture, Coming soon
Boho Teaser

.Photo Credits.

  1. Fireplace |  REDGRAVE LUTON | By MaxRedgrave.  
  2. Candle holder | Meva | Candelholder 5 Flame Bronze | By Mea Carnell.
  3. Basket of logs | dust bunny | firewood basket | By lxlNoel.
  4. Smaller candle holder | Pixel Mode | Victoria's Bath  - Candle Trio | By Tya Fallingbridge.
  5. Pumpkins Artisan Fantasy | Stony Hollow Pumpkins | By ArtizanMesh.

  • Lighting - LumiPro HUD V3.41| By Stefan Buscaylet. Tya Fallingbridge