Winter Is Coming

Hey everyone!
Have you been to Hairology yet?
I would love to know what are your thoughts on an all hair event ?  Please leave me a comment. Good or bad  Just leave me a comment OK?  I’m needy!
Today I chose to show you this cute wintery pig tail style by Pink Hustler. I adore the side bang and the perfectly textured hat.  Actually My next post over on Hair SL will be on their group gifts so make sure you stay tuned!
I was inspired by the fact that I stood outside in the freezing cold watching the Santa Claus Parade. *Burrr*

Also I need to tell you about this store called Addams in case like me you may spend most of your time under the proverbial rock.
 I saw these pants on another blog (Sorry fellow bloggerette, I forget what one.)  The texturing of them sent me off on a crazy chase across the grid trying to find them, trying wrong link after wrong link in my haste.  Long story, yes.  This Is Ember remember!
 Anyway, finally found them and while I was there I  noticed something off with the vendor and left the designer a message.  I was so happy with the interaction and well the fact she responded at all that welp, you need to shop there. They fit mesh bodies.
 ( Always demo just in case !)  

Their texturing is right up there with my beloved Blueberry.
( My top today is by Blueberry ♥)

That’s right people, Winter is indeed coming!

Winter is coming

You can ring my bell
.Also Worn.