I talk too much

 Hi everyone!
I've been enjoying SL of late, hanging out and meeting new people.
Quite a change from standing about alone on my platform  for so long. 

 It's funny to in a way as I got a nice new PC for Christmas and the graphics make me cry tears of Joy with the crispness and clarity.  

So what am I saying here?  Humm, rambling but also it is hard for me not to post daily but I am trying hard to get over the anxiety of that.  And yes I get anxious when I don't blog for a day,  I feel like I am behind or am letting someone down, but in reality or Virtual reality I don't think I have!

 Blah blah blah, Going to have some fun here AND keep my commitments. 

Now I just have to say thank you to all the designers who I work for.
 If you were not such talented people I would just give up but you make me wanna share your designs with the readers here.

OK, enough babbles. I have a few things to show you today.
  • This hair. I can't believe how fricken amazing this looks at the hairline, I put it on and sat back open mouthed. Boon, Stellar job on this one. You can find it over @ Hairology right now.

  • This Lingerie. It's made by Blueberry I was so excited when  I saw this on Facebook. It is from the Epiphany Gacha Event and the little bows there ( i called them garters in the credits) are the exclusive item. Also there are gloves in the machine as well and well, me being me, I totally forgot to wear them LOL. I never have been very good with accessorizing. I know the bra is a lil bit risque but there are others with no cut outs. Something for everyone!

That's about it for me today. Hope you enjoy!

the blues take 2



  • Hair booN Lab. | 004 hair  (Materials) |By boo Nakamura | @ HAIROLOGY.
  • Skin - .Birdy. | Ali,Pure | By Nina Helix | 1L VIP GIFT | 150L Join fee.
  • Shape - Enfant |Sarang | By Sopha Portal.
  • Mesh Body - Maitreya | Mesh Body - Lara | By Onyx LeShelle.
  • Eyelids - Slink | Mesh eyelids | By Siddean Munro.
  • Polish - -{ZOZ}- | Joy Dark (Maitreya) By Zozicon | @ MESH BODY ADDICTS


.Lighting & Poses.

  • Pose - !bang | stands 585-589 | By Luna Lubilee.
  • Lighting LUMIPro | By Stefan Buscaylet.