I Wanna ROMP With You

This blog post totally revolves around this sexy harness I'm sporting. 

I wandered over to the ROMP event and fell in love, or was it lust with it? For those of you that haven't heard of ROMP, it is an elegant kink event that comes around every three months.

This round runs from the 8th to 22 of January.
Check out their website here - https://rompfair.wordpress.com/about/
There are so many awesome things here, Those into BDSM and even those who are a bit skittish of the term will find something here. I will show you an outfit next post that is a wee bit more tame :)
Anyway, this harness is a collaboration piece between Opiums Addiction & [Constraint].
 It has RLV , color changes and a big fun menu with toys attached if you know what I mean *nudge, nudge*

Really, there is so much to this gear that I would be Writing all evening. Just check it out OK? Oh, one more thing. I am wearing the Maitreya body (as always) and I was able to edit it to fit perfectly. Make sure you keep the box to open a new one just in case you oops on the editing. * Whistles innocently* Can happen to anyone really.

I hope the photo is not so crazy for you guys, I have been battling with myself trying to make a sexy photo and I think I finally managed \0/

Happy Shopping! 
♥ Ember ♥




  • HarnessOpiums Addiction / [Constraint] | Sluts Harness | By Miri Aleixandre, Nicolias Sadoul  & juliettehope | @ ROMP
  • Blindfold - erratic | chris - blindfold / black | By Erratic Rain.
  • PastiesMad' | Free Pasties | By Eve Kazan.
  • EarringsKunglers | Silver earring - L - V2 | By AvaGardner Kungler
  • Rings - Kibitz | Crystal ring set - onyx | By Kathya Szczepansk

.Lighting & Poses.

  • Lighting LUMIPro | By Stefan Buscaylet.