Mean People Suck.

Morning everyone.

So I spend a lot of my time not in a busy Adult Sim, I really love it there but wow, it sure does take all types. 

I have been noticing more and more how downright cruel people can be to one another, there and elsewhere in SL.

I suppose it seems greater in numbers here as we have such easy access to others via groups and the sheer number of people we can come in contact with on a daily basis.

 Anyway, Mean people suck.
 If you are putting someone down just take a moment to think about  
  1. How it makes them feel. 
  2.  How bad it makes you look. 
Trust me, totally not cool.   
 You come on here and whittle away the hours of your life, why not do something positive with yourself?
Try being kind to just one person a day. 
I promise you it will not kill you.

 I am still trying hard to become my own role model in this as some days I spend rolling my eyes in every direction. No one is perfect but just keep swimming right.

 Two last things about this.
  1. If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing. 
  2. Kindness, sprinkle that shit everywhere!
  • You know what? I would love to hear one positive and one Negative experience you've had in SL.  
  • Also for the negative, thinking back. What do you think you could have done to turn the situation around? Anything?

 Ok, I still talk too much so I will keep the details short n sweet. Items in this post from Kustom9, Collabor88 & Mesh Body Addicts Event.
Please check the credits for all the details. Thank you so much for reading. 

Little Black Dress




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  • Lighting LUMIPro | By Stefan Buscaylet.


  1. Sometimes when people are cruel and mean to others, hiding behind the safe protection of their computer screens, they are merely expressing all of the hurt and hate that is brewing inside of them that they've developed from real life experiences that have damaged them in some form or another. In the end, cruel people are just hurt people... and sometimes all it takes for them is to see people being kind to each other to show them there is a better way than hate. As hard as it may be at times, try to kill mean people with kindness (kill, of course, being metaphorical, don't actually kill them.) Fighting back and butting heads only leads to more chaos and firmly entrenches mean people in their mean ways. Show them a better way! The way of kindness. Toodles. <3

    1. Hello avatarallure. Thank you so much for commenting!

      i totally agree with the old adage, Kill them with kindness. I try to keep it in mine when dealing with general SL trolls. It works surprisingly well actually.

  2. Negativity is too easy to name. You are my positive experience though. You always manage to turn a negative thing into a positive one. Even last night with all the negative energy in the place we were at, you kept me laughing! Even as annoyed as I was. You have a gift for helping people and you seem to always brighten up even the darkest of times. I hope this post goes viral and people take it to heart and do start to be a little more kind in SL. It costs nothing and it would make the grid a better place ♥

    1. Awww Savvy. I don't even know what to say to that ( for once!) But yes. kindness should just expand the farther it travels. Like avatarallure mentioned above, kill em with kindness.

  3. I believe this is our second life, and shouldn't be ruled by the same constraints that controls our RL. If your second life avatar is unhappy and you're taking it out on others, consider trying something new. Start with yourself and find things to make YOU happy. Don't worry about being judged and don't judge others.

    1. I agree it is our Second life and yes it's all good advice but on the flip side here, the same can be said for the nasty sad or just plain mean people. It's their SL as well. So with that in mind, what says they shouldn't do what they want either? If being cruel makes them happy. It's a conundrum.

  4. Anonymity is an easy shield to hide behind. Its always better to not let the trolls get to you. They eventually have to go when Mom calls them for dinner.

    1. Yea, it's sad. I think maybe 50% of nastiness on the net comes from not thinking before we speak. What's that meme, "Before you speak. IS it True? Is it Kind? Is it Necessary?" If we all paused before reacting poorly to perceived slights it might help. I think that's a post for another day.

  5. Having been an admin in a well known roleplay sim since 2007, from my own experience I can say that being kind and having patience works - most of times. Sometimes people just thrive on being mean or rude and no matter what will persevere being so. These people I have learned to totally ignore.
    Also, lots of drama and meanness comes from the fact that it is very easy to misunderstand what someone means sometimes, because we have no visual component to our communication. Add to that the many nationalities represented, with not everyone's native language being English. A small misunderstanding, a clumsily typed line, can easily grow into lots of nastiness as - it seems with so many things in SL - things go fast in the online universe :-)

    I give everyone a chance, but if they insist on being mean, I move on - literally :-) I'd rather spend my online time with my inworld friends!

    1. Hey Osiris! Thank you for taking the time to comment. Yes I agree, kindness can help combat negatives.
      My mum always used to tell me about catching more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.
      Maybe this makes me a troll as well but I spend some of my time publicly reprimanding people for being nasty to others in local >.< I mean, I'm polite about but, yeah I'm a mom.

  6. Sadly you're so right. I've seen it more and more lately, makes me want to give up and leave SL some days. Other days makes me want to shake some sense into all of those butts. We are all human behind the keyboards, all have our own hardships to deal with. But coming into SL to make someone else unhappy is a huge No-No in my books. Better spend than anger in the gym or building a house for humanity.

    1. Hi Gabby, thank you for commenting!
      I am about ready to give up myself. I found a great place to go but now I cant as my friend is banned on hearsay? Ahhh people suck so bad.


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