Mesh Body Addict? Yeah, Me Too.

Hello, it's me again ( Like, duh. Who else posts here LOL)
Anyway, weekend is finally here! TGIF!
Got some stuff to show ya and yes I will be wordy about it, consider yourself warned.

  • This mesh head. It's called Adriana & is made by GAELINE I am really impressed with it. I think the best part of this head is the lashes. Not only does it have an option for mesh lashes but there are also alpha ones. These look so much softer to me as I find most mesh lases ( on mesh heads) tend to look pixelated almost.I don't use photo shop so I tend not to use that type. (Just add my own) I will be using this head in more posts as it has lovely expressions and I am a sucker for closed eye photos. I promise to show you some with the alpha lashes soon! 

  • This dress. It's made by Valentina E What I like most about this one is the chain at the sides. I think maybe my waist is too narrow for it though. But still very pretty texturing. You can pick this dress up over @ MESH BODY ADDICTS.

  •  This hair. It's called Vanessa and made by [KoKoLoReS] This designer makes some really edgy styles but what i like most is the  tendrils here and there breaking away from the rest of the style. Makes it look a bit more realistic in my eyes.You can pick this style up over @ HAIROLOGY.

  •  These Boots. I have been meaning to talk about these for a while now but life has been crazy and well stuff happens. They are made by CandyDoll and are available @ FaMESHed. There's a story behind these super sweet shoes that I just have to share.  I had seen these on the Seraphim Website and fell in love.  I remember gushing about them in a group I am a part of, not really complaining but wishing I was able to get into the event just for these shoes.  Well, next thing I know I see this pop up on my screen.  Seems one of the ladies in the group gifted me these shoes!  I couldn't believe it. I still remember the feeling I had receiving these.  Shock, amazement at a virtual stranger's kindness and pure Joy. 

I would like to shout out a huge massive THANK YOU to Daeberethwen Arbenlow!  Check her blog here - for her kindness and generosity.  I am paying it forward  I promise.

 Oh yeah, I finally did get into FaMESHed and yup brought myself the fatpack. I am turning into Savvy here, I need an intervention maybe!


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  1. Fat packs are the best... No intervention necessary


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