Sometimes I Cry

Hey all! 

So yesterday  there was more dealings with the meaniehead at the sim I frequent. I ended up telling him that he was being abusive and being irresponsible with  his status as a Mod . Only after He told me this. 

" Well I have notice you are full of yourself and no one else is interested in your conversation least of all me and if you want to get into one to one conversation its called an IM."

So, let me get this straight. I am in a virtual 'Chat Room' But I am not allowed to speak? Get over your self! 
( For the record. the others involved in my convo were out of his chat range, DUH him.)

In the end after I explained being human and to remember that there are people with feelings behind the keys he apologized.
I will chat as much as I like as I am not hurting anyone!

But unfortunately,  me being me I became filled with self doubt. Maybe I do annoy everyone like he said.
Maybe others hate me just as much? 

I was so blue after all of this that I spent the rest of the day feeling like some sort of failure and not being very nice to be around.

So , to my loved ones. I am sorry. The pity party is wrapped up.
I just need to keep reminding myself that it's OK to be who I am. Not everyone will love me, that's not possible.

Long winded post as yes I do love to talk! 
Check the credits. 

I am so pleased with this photos and the comments I got on Flickr really lifted me up. You guys had no idea how much a failure I was feeling at the time ♥ You all rock.

Sometimes I cry   .Worn.



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