Spotlight On Mina Hair Gifts 50% Off And A Photo Contest!

I need to show off these two beautiful hairs by Mina.

The top one is her offering for this round of Hairology.
It's called  Eloise and I honestly think it is my favorite of hers to date.

The second one is named Juliet & you can find it over @  The Liaison Collaborative When I put on this hair I ran around telling everyone to "Lookit my new hair! How pretty is this??!!"
I am totally in love with both these hairstyles.

Here is all of Mina Hair's info for you.

So, if you've never been to Mina hair or just haven't checked them out in a while, head on over and see whats new or snatch up these sweet styles at the events mentioned.

  • One more thing to make this an even sweeter post. Mina is having a photo contest! 
Photo below and all wording is from the note card I just received. Enjoy

 Roses are Red, Violets are blue
MINA did a makeover, and looks brand new.
Grab a friend, two, three or four
Head on down to the new MINA Main store.
Enjoy all the perks she's laid out for us
If you snooze you lose, so don't miss the bus.
Come see how the Sim has been redone
Get your butts down here and lets have some FUN!


50% off the entire store, INCLUDING the MINA VIP Group

Male and Female VIP group gifts. Exclusive colors created for Stella and Gael, only for this event.  Once this sale is over these hairs will no longer be available.

    Fun Photo Contest to show off MINA Hair and the new look to the MINA Hair Sim.
  • MINA Hair Makeover Madness Sale and Photo Contest Details
1st  place winner - $L 5000
2nd place winner - $L 2500

3rd  place winner - $L 1000

Upload your photos here to join the contest:

 Contest Rules:
1.  Must be wearing one of MINA hairs and it has to be recognizable.
2.  Pictures must be taken on the Mina Hair SIM Here -
3.  No pushing, pulling, clawing, scratching or biting of other contestants.
4.  3rd rule doesn't really exist.  I just made it up to make it look like there are a lot of rules.
5.  Another non-existent rule, I just want to see how many of you actually read all of this.
6.  Yes another rule but this one is serious,  please do NOT feed the wildlife or staff.
7.  If you find my body washed up on the shore, make sure the abbrevs check to see if there is mud on MINA's feet.  Her motive would be this Note card.
8.  Okay final rule,  ignore rules 3 - 7 and just have some FUN!

Hope to see  you all there!

Kind regards,
Jalina Jae, Customer manager
Inkie Loudwater, Blog manager
and Mina Nakamura, Hair maker


Mina Hair @ TLC
^ Mina Hair VIP Group Gifts. 200L join fee secondlife:///app/group/47f81927-45ae-f1a9-cdbc-71d4742bbb5a/about

^Above photo by Mina Hair^

****Please Note ****

Some of these items are located at Events right now. 
If you see a second Hyperlinked name in the credit line.
( BOLD LETTERING Different colour) like this..
  • Thingy - | Store Name | Name of Thingy | Designer's Name | NAME OF EVENT
Take The Second TP!!!! ( Hyperlink


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