Inventory Cleaning - Keywords Updated.

This will be part 1 of a series I plan on making for inventory sorting.
Hope it helps .
Also please if I left out something , drop me a comment so I can update!

Did you know you can delete items quicker by highlighting the item and hitting the backspace button?

  • Keywords!

If I am doing a major clean out or even if I want my #'s to drop quick I start with keywords. 
Using these in the search bar will help eliminate numbers quickly and efficiently.

Here's the ones I used.

Extra appliers - 
  • If you wear a mesh body and ONLY that mesh body you can begin the purge by deleting all other body appliers.

For example I ONLY USE MAITREYA so today I deleted everything for Belleza, Slink & TMP. That alone lightened my inventory by 2000 items.  

Standard sizes - 

  • My next step will be deleting standard sizing.

Best plan of attack is one size at a time. Some sizes you can stuff your mesh body into.  Be aware of what size might fit before taking on this step of the project.

XS - S - M - L - XL.

I will update again when I have sorted through this.  

Alpha Layers - 

  • Again, if you ONLY use one mesh body you can safely rid your self of all alpha layers that come indise your clothing packaging.

I personally only kept the hair ones.


  • This is usually an unpacking script, with 'Delete me' in the name  
  • This is usually a script left in a folder. it is used to unpack your item and is useless to you once it is unpacked.

  •  Usually an animation used for holding a bag that has been unpacked ( Be careful here that you do not delete a hold for a purse , pet or stuffie.)
BAG -  
  • This is usually a pose or script for holding items to unpack it. Some designers use different names, try catching them as you unpack new items and perhaps keep a copy of this list and add to it as you go for future use.


  •  If you have brought the item, delete that demo. if not make a folder just for Demos, title it #DEMO this way it should scoot to the top of whatever folder you put it in.


  • Usually a word of thanks for your purchase, toss it unless you are super sentimental.
  • Usually some instructions on how to dress yourself.  Learn what it says then toss it unless you have a super short term memory.

  •  More instructions on what to do or not to do. ^ take the same advice as above.

  • Self explanatory, refer to 'READ & IMPORTANT' 
  •  Yep, these too save them if you really need them.

  • Usually a note but sometimes it is a texture on how to use said item.

  • As I am not a builder, any plain Object in my inv is usually just a box I made for photos.

  • More information on the store, read it over then either delete it or not, up to you.

  • A group invite script of note that comes in some packages.

  • Usually a note card explaining how to join a group. Could also be a script.

  • Most times it is a note card with more store info.

  • Info about the designers copyrighted materials. Read it over well.

Hope this helps a little.   I will get more into proper sorting another day.
Until then Kisses,
  ♥ Ember ♥