Hair Sales

Olive Main store has finally re opened it’s doors and I am excited to share that they are having a massive sale!

 ( Taken from Olive’s info note card on the sale)

Olive is offering customers 50% off on all current hairs !!  Also all old hairs have been converted to the new HUD system.  To make up for such a long wait, all old hair are now going to be sold as fat packs, for only 375L each!!  They have  added 3 lucky boards and a daily MM board at the back of the store, before the old hair section. (A group only version will be coming soon and more prizes!)


Also it was pointed out to us in the Hair SL  group that Raspberry is having a sale, along with the whole SIM they are on.
We went and checked it out and yup, color packs are 25L each! These hairs are pre mesh ( I think)  so great for everyone including mesh head wearers & Toodledoo avatars!