Blocked Dreams

It's here!! 
Hair Fair 2016 has finally begun!

Now I know there are so many events going on in Secondlife these days with hairs at them so what makes this event so special? 

Well, every designer  will be donating from 15 - 100% of the proceeds to Wigs for Kids
This is such a good and important cause, giving hair to children who've lost their own due to treatments. For them to look in the mirror and feel a little bit like their old selves.

So head over, check out all the New Releases made with this long anticipated event in mind, wander around the three sims full of hair, buy a bandana ( !00% of Bandana sales go directly to Wigs for Kids)
 Or just donate to one of their many donation kiosks. Every little bit counts.

This is the event of the year for me and many others.
Be there or be square. 

Stay tuned for my annual Hair Fair freebie post in the next few days.

Wish we could turn back time

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