Candy Is Dandy

Hey Dolls!

The Thrift Shop is Open and there are some pretty great things at well, Thrift Shop Prices.
This hoodie I have on is by NS Cutie Store and her stuff is well, CUTE!  After checking out the Thrift shop I highly recommend heading over to the NS Main Store to check out all her awesome stuffs!

Thrift Shop Taxi
NS Cutie Store Taxi -

I totally should have gone with my more Kawaii looking av for the photos but I was too busy playing with the new Catwa Destiny head from The Mesh Body Addicts Fair to remember. 

Candy is Dandy

 Speaking of The Mesh Body Addicts Fair, it is still going strong. One thing I noted while over there was the TMP booth, They are offering their designer kits to everyone. This is impressive to me. Hopefully we will see some great new designs out for their body in future. 
Taxi to Mesh Body Addicts Fair -

One more thing to mention

These jeans. They are made by EVANI ( a new to me designer) and are available at this round of Uber.  These jeans are open, and if not wearing panties well , you can see way down south.  Luckily I am able to fit some mesh panties underneath them or this blog wouldn't be quite so PG :) 

Taxi to Uber -

I will wait

Hope you enjoy all these events and sales.
Sorry I can't cover more for you but man there are just so many!

Do me a solid though. 
 If you want to be totally in the know, bookmark the SeraphimSL website. Also join their group. They have photo galleries of most major events on the grid. You can also get a Free teleport HUD on Marketplace and that just makes things even easier.

Seraphim Info:

Website -
Group Link - secondlife:///app/group/023dc53a-cff9-f05e-1535-21b7087d7197/about (Paste in your SL window)
Marketplace Link
 ( Buy for $0L)


****Please Note ****

Some of these items are located at Events right now.   

If you see a second Hyperlinked name in the credit line.
  ( BOLD LETTERING Different colour) like this..

  • Thingy - | Store Name | Name of Thingy | Designer's Name | NAME OF EVENT 

Take The Second TP!!!! ( Hyperlink)