When I close my Eyes

 Hey Dolls. 

I have a few really exciting ( to me anyway) things to show you today.
First up is Izzie's You must have heard off this store.  No.  WHAT? They make amazing appliers and all sorts of interesting things for your Av. Like for instance in these photos I am showing you the Closed Eye Applier that in my opinion is totally needed as sometimes the eyes when closed on mesh heads have a bit of stretching ( Photo below) This is the answer I've been looking for so Thank you Izzie!!

Before Closed Eye Appliers.

When I close my eyes.
After Izzie's Closed Eyes Appliers.
Also shown from Izzie's is the Little tears.  I grabbed them for Fifty Linden Friday a little while back but it's in the store proper now and not too expensive.  Perfect for the sadface option on Catwa.

Izzie's Little Tears, Glam Affair Mina on Catwa's Bibi head.

Speaking of Catwa, I loved my Dyana head so much that I took the leap and got myself another head.  This time I chose Bibi cause I just love a baby face!
I paired it all with this cute blushy Mina skin applier from Glam Affair & This sweet pink hair called Fall by Exile both from The Epiphany Gacha Event. 

Exile's Fall.

 Happy Shopping.

  • Hair - Exile | Fall | By Kavar Cleanslate | @ The Epiphany Oct 15th - Nov 15th.
  • Mesh Head - Catwa | Bibi | By Catwa Clip.
  • Skin Applier - Glam Affair | Mina Applier ( Catwa / Bibi ) Asia 02 RARE | By Aida Ewing | @ The Epiphany Oct 15th - Nov 15th.
  • Closed Eye Applier - Izzie's | Catwa Closed Eyes Appliers | By Izzie Button.
  • Tears - Izzie's | Little Tears | For Catwa, LeLutka, Logo & Tattoo Layer | By Izzie Button.
  • Pose - oOo Studio | Bianca | By Olaenka Chesnokov.
  • Lowered my head with - Animare HUD | By Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant)