Good morning, afternoon and or evening!

Today I am showing off something I found really neat by Zibska.

This designer always wow's me with her unique  and seemingly endless supply of creativity.
 When I opened the blogger box for an event called  " SCALA - My Bloody Valentine" Event I got really excited and started thinking on how I could photograph it. 

I decided to wander over and check this event out & It has lots of designers that I've just never stumbled across before.
* Just for that fact along it's worth you taking a peek.

The event is set in what looks to me like an old run down warehouse & Keeping that theme in mind I came up with the photo below.  In my mind it's a girl trapped in a raging inner battle, a messy one at that & Mina's new Ava-Lin hair @ FaMESHed worked perfectly for me with that vision.

Thank you Zibska & Mina for allowing my creative flow
All items have the landmarks embedded in them.
Happy Shopping