[GA.EG] Barbara Bento Mesh Head Review.

Meet Barbara. The newest Bento mesh head creation from [GA.EG].

So first of all, I was not ready to run out and buy a new Bento mesh head.  The idea of having to reshape myself after all this time was just really daunting. 
That & I'm pretty lazy so the non bento mesh was where I stayed. 

Well that is until This review was passed on to me.
I figured I would give it a try. :)

I think I did okay.
I used the shape provided in the box and tweaked it a bit just to see how the bento head worked with the sliders. 
It was actually kinda fun. I will be playing around with it for a while, I know. 
 I can see my friends now ..."Anyone see Ember?" "Not for 2 weeks, humm. She's been online."
 And there I am, just standing on my platform editing, editing :)

  • If you join their free in world group you get a discount on this head. Group join link is here, just post it into your sl  chat. secondlife:///app/group/1016eace-1ac6-4127-daee-a6c89759f722/about Don't forget to wear your group tag!

Included in the box you will find:
  •   Mesh Head, Mesh ears, Ear shaper, Facial AO, Mesh Teeth, Shape & Smart HUD. You can get this as a group member for 2,660L

If you want a bigger make up selection.
  •  you can buy add on's separately.Make sure you are wearing your Smart HUD & wear the add on HUD. Click the add on and it inserts the make up into your smart HUD. Group members can get add ons for 361L each. There are also other fun add on's like different emotes, gum & teeth.

All in all Barbara was a little bit of an older look than I am used to but very sexy. I can't wait to see more from [GA.EG].

  • Bento - As much as I bang on about being lazy, I did have a lot of fun playing with the sliders to make a more unique look.
  • Price - For the Barbara head package without ad on's, the cost  is 2,800L For group members the cost is 2,660L & there is a lot in the package for this price.
  •  Omega Compatible - The head is fully Omega compatible so you can use your favorite skins etc.
  • Ears - There are Bento & un rigged ears in the package as well as an ear shaper HUD. This is very cool fun little option that I enjoyed customizing.
  • Lashes - I would love to have the ability to turn off the bottom lash only.
  • Skins - As it is Omega friendly I am not sure many skin designers will create for this head specifically. Not such a huge deal but sometimes Omega coverage just doesn't add up as well as specifically designed for said head. 
  • Neck fit - There are neck blenders in the package but I hope in future releases an actual neck size/ fit button will be added for easier use.
 Hope you found this handy.
 Don't forget to try the Demo!


Don't Box Me In
[GA.EG] Barbara Bento Rewiew.


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