So silly RL story. 
I was working on this photo last night for a long time as I couldn't get the shadow's right  
(Kept having big half moons from my lashes.) Anyway, I was hyper focused on my screen. 

Finally was about to give up when my husband wandered over to see what the heck I was doing.
(Maybe he thought I was going to be sucked into my monitor  like poltergeist.)  
I turned my monitor around to show him what the heck I was doing & he said, 
"Humm, that's really good, almost looks real." 
So I mentally fist pumped cause, yay he praised me! 

This photo is the result and really, him liking it is the biggest pink star I will ever receive. I hope you like it a little :)

About what I am wearing.

  • The skin & Eye shadow are @ Enchantment right now. This event ends tomorrow and you really should wander over if you haven't had the chance. They always theme around a different fairy tale and this one is Cinderella. The SIM is beautiful! 

  • The headpiece was gifted to me by one of my newer friends Danni. It is @ The Arcade & She got in already the lucky bugger! Thank you Danni! 

  • My Nail Polish, Gloves & Pose are @ Whore Couture 7  . This event has just begun on March 1st & runs until the 31st I believe.  There are SOO many really cool things here & not all of it is super Whorish so worth a look for sure!

  •  All items worn are listed & credited with Slurl's embedded ( Teleports). Just click the coloured text and off you go!
No matter where you choose to shop, I wish you all a happy weekend! Ember