Video Killed The Ember

Video Blogging In SL. ( And no that is not what I am trying to teach, please read on.)

Well, I did my first & maybe my only video blog today.  Might be the last  if the response is negative. 

I managed to babble all through it,  get a frog in my throat and say UM about 100 times. I waffled on so much that it cut me off mid sentence before I would wrap it up. Ah well, this is just how Ember rolls.

I used a free program called  BandiCam. I was trying to get it to work from 8:30 am till 12:30 PM I was about to give up when finally I asked for help.
 Kilolo Jenkins from the SL Bloggers Support Group helped me!! Thank you so so much , you saved me ♥
(Just maybe not my readers or Flickr followers )
VIDEO - The video itself is about different lighting and shadow tools I use in my Firestorm Viewer when setting up to take a photo. If the response is positive I will try again as I always have some little tip I want to share.

The photo is Raw (just cropped.)  The video (If I can get it to upload will be on my Flickr Here - 

Please leave a message here if you would like me to do more or if I just need to shut up already.
 Ember ♥
If you watched the video I mentioned a photographer / blogger named Daeberethwen Arbenlow who made their own light and videoed how it was done.  I learned a lot so check her out here -
I did not even realize she has done a similar video to the one I made but hers I am sure is super great and explained things really well! (Sorry, not my intention to try to copy)

Crop - A - Doodle - Doodoo