Wanna be super cute?

 Ember Adored taps her mic. "Hello, hello. Attention please, Important announcement coming right up."
Ember pauses a moment as she looks around "Hey you, yes you over there. I saw that yawn, Pay attention here, this is some good stuffs!, Someone pass that woman a latte stat!"

"Alright , are you ready? Good, now let's begin! Today I would like to introduce to you all a brand new monthly mystery/ subscription box. This one is called Cutie Loot and it' theme is all things CUTE!  I heard about this from my buddy Quiet and RAN as soon as pre ordering opened on Feb 24th.  I joined their group at the same time and just the other day I heard them speaking about teasers.  Oh yes, I thought to myself , teasers.  I need to let my readers know about this box!!"

  • Look below at the image with designers for this months round and below that I have mostly copied from a press release that one of the lovely officers passed to me. I am super excited to open this one, Best birthday present to myself, ever!
Hope you enjoy.


Cutie Loot is a new monthly subscription box, catering to the cute and magical girls of Second Life.


  • Cutie Loot will be available to pre-order from February 22nd until March 7th. After February, pre-orders will open from the 24th to the 7th of every month. Pre-orders can be made via marketplace or our in-world terminal. The final Cutie Loot boxes will be distributed and added to the marketplace on the 8th.
  •  You can receive direct notifications, updates and support via the Cutie Loot  update group (secondlife:///app/group/e05793a0-68fa-2f64-abb9-b90e4519214f/about)

  • Cutie Loot items are semi-exclusive, meaning that throughout the duration of the event (8th – 22nd), the items will not be available elsewhere. After next month’s Cutie Loot is sent out, altered versions of previous Loot items may be sold at the creator’s discretion.

For more information, check out the FAQ page on The Cutie Loot Website: https://cutielootsl.wordpress.com/faq/


  • February 24th: Pre-orders open 
  • March 7th: Pre-orders close 
  • March 8th: Cutie Loot is officially released !