Freebies, Hair Sale & Cuteness Overload!

Today I am showing off Freebies, Sale items and some super cuteness. Read on..

The Sale stuff! 
  •  [elikatira] is having a Clearance Sale. All items up to 75% off. I purchased this adorable hairstyle for 72L for the essentials pack!!!  Seriously, get your butts down there or adopt a noob, I have no idea when this sale will end. Can't find that info anywhere :(

The FREE things! 

  • The Project Se7en.  This event runs from March 30 - April 20th. When you land a greeter will ask you to join their free group. Join it and off you go. Almost all vendors here have a FREE Gift! A lot of these Gifts are really usable!
The Cute Skin!
  • [ MUDSKIN ] is back & oh how I have missed this designer! Her younger looks make me feel so darn cute!  She has released a new line with all new tones. I love it!!!
The Cute Outfit.
  •  NS::  makes it.  Super cute right?  You like Kawaii items? THIS is your store. Seriously, everything is so darn cute! 
That about wraps it up.
Happy Shopping.

Chirp, Chirp, Meow.

Pretty Birdy.